Phil Vickery beating heart cake recipe on This Morning

Phil Vickery served up a beating heart cake with buttercream for Halloween on This Morning.

The ingredients for the meringue bones are: 6 egg (200g) whites, at room temperature, 2 pinches cream of tartar and 400g caster sugar.

For the sponge cake (alternatively you can use any victoria sponge recipe and add red food colouring to the batter): 380g egg whites (about 12 medium eggs) at room temperature, 2 pinches cream of tartar, 320g caster sugar, 100g plain flour, sieved, 55g cocoa powder, sieved, 3 tsp vanilla extract and red food colouring paste.

To make the heart: 150g dark red fondant icing and 2 tbsp seedless raspberry jam.

For the butter icing: 300g unsalted butter, soft, 600g icing sugar and 1 tbsp vanilla bean paste.

For the red icing: 500g fondant icing sugar and Red food colouring paste.

Phil’s book titled: Phil Vickery’s Puddings, is available from Amazon now.