Lorraine zesty Key lime pie recipe on This Morning

Lorraine Pascale served up a zesty Key lime meringue pie with ginger snaps on This Morning.

The ingredients are: 60g butter, 250g ginger snap biscuits, 2 tbsp soft light brown sugar and 1 egg white.

For the Swiss meringue: 120g egg whites (about 4 egg whites) and 240g caster sugar.

For the filling: 4 eggs yolks, 397g tin condensed milk, 170ml lime juice (from about 5 standard limes, or 14 Key limes) and 1 tbsp lime zest, plus a little extra for decoration (optional).

See the recipe in Lorraine’s new book titled: Bake: 125 Show-Stopping Recipes, Made Simple, available from Amazon now.