Celebrity Big Brother First Week’s Nominations see Jasmine Lennard and Rhian Sugden facing the boot

celebrity bigbrother week one nomination 2012Tonight the Celebrity Big Brother housemates nominated for the first time  live and face to face!

Big Brother gathered the housemates earlier this evening, telling them they had to gather on the sofas immediately.


Each housemate could only nominate one other person and they were told not to discuss their nominations as they were given some time to deliberate on who they were going to vote for.

In turn, each housemate had to then stand reveal which housemate they were going to nominate by holding up a picture of that housemate. They had just 30 seconds to name the housemate and their reasons for nominating them.

After voting, Jasmine and Rhian had the most nominations with three votes each.

Danica and Coleen narrowly escaped facing eviction with two votes, while Martin Kemp, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo both received one vote each.

Ashley McKenzie, Cheryl Ferigson, Julian Clary, MC Harvey and Samantha Brick had no nominations.