Jaz Ellington sings ‘Just The Way You Are’ mashup – The Voice 2012 UK

jazz ellington the voice

Jaz Ellington wowed the judges tonight on The Voice UK with a mash up of The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel.

Jessie J said: “Firstly, congratulations on having a baby boy. The most amazing thing about music is that someone writes a song personal to them, and then you made it so personal to you and your own situation. It was lovely way to end the show.”
Sir Tom Jones commented: “It’s plain to see you have somebody in mind when you were singing that, you did a wonderful job.”

Danny O’Donoghue added: “I’m glad you took my advice from last week, that was the most fantastic performance. You’re special.”

Finally, Jaz’s coach Will said: “I’m going to speak from my heart. My mum is a single mum and that song, I wish my mum had someone in her life that could sing that song to her. Amazing.”