I’m A Celebrity 2011: Sinitta became the second celebrity to be voted off the show

Sinitta X Factor and eighties pop star Sinitta, became the second celebrity  to be voted off  I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Sintta left the jungle in a surprised result after coming in the bottom two with Crissy Rock.

Speaking to Ant and Dec, she said: “I’m so glad that I got to stay that extra day, but to leave when I’m actually starting to love it is such a great feeling.”

Ant and Dec wasted no time in asking the question on everyone’s lips: why did she do the show? “Because I wanted what happened to happen,” answered Sinitta. To get to a point where I faced my fears and not be afraid of everything.

“I was starting to actually really love it. Every day, waking up, feeling better and better, sleeping better and better, not having to be zipped right up, enjoying the company…”

Talking about Pat Sharp and her overnight stay in the cockroach cave, she said: “He was so sweet. Whenever I screamed, he’d go, ‘it’s alright, it’s nothing, there’s nothing there’, then he’d conk out and I’d wake him up again. It was the longest night of his life.”

“He wants to win, he’s not afraid of anything. When we all start fussing, to him it’s like, ‘come on, it’s only a bug, it’s only this’. He doesn’t really understand people’s deep-rooted fears.”

Meanwhile, Sinitta refuted Crissy’s claims that she played up to the cameras during her Bushtucker Trials, saying: “As soon as the they finished I just wanted the stuff off of me.”

Sinitta also said she would like Mark or Crissy to win.