The X Factor USA Week 5 Top 9: Leroy Bell sings ‘Angel’ on Thanks Giving theme night

Leroy Bell angel top 9

Leroy Bell sings Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ for Thanks Giving theme night. He’s thankful for his mother for fostering his love of music, admitting that he is still grieving as his mother has passed away.

For us Leroy gave an emotional performance on the night which was a fitting tribute to his mum. He really felt the song and you could tell he was thinking about her.

Judges Comments

LA thinks it was “really good” and appreciated the message but didn’t think it was his best performance despite being heartfelt.
Paula disagrees with LA, saying that there was “so much passion and connection” tonight. She says that LeRoy gave the most beautiful performance in the competition.

Simon also disagrees with LA, insisting that tonight is the first night that he got to know LeRoy more and that it was a great tribute to his late mother. “You really made your mark this week. Congratulations!” he adds.
Nicole says that tonight was “his moment” and applauds him for letting to and giving it his all.