I’m A Celebrity 2011: Sinitta and Pat Sharp wins luxury items for camp

sinitta luxury items winNew arrivals Sinitta and Pat Sharp successfully spent the night in a cockroach-infested cave and as a result won luxury items for their campmates.

Earlier, the pair had to cross a highwire above a 100ft deep ravine on their jungle journey, that aloud them to opt to spend a night in the cavern rather than sleeping outside in an attempt to win the treats.

“We’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug,” teased Pat Sharp as the duo bedded down for the night – but it wasn’t long before they were awoken by thousands of the creepy crawlies pouring in through holes in the wall.

Sinitta – who’s made her distaste for bugs very clear – immediately began panicking and squealing, while Pat tried to plug the holes with their clothes, to no avail.

He then decided to move his bed to the other side of the cave, while Sinitta remained on her feet with her duvet wrapped tightly around her.

After a whopping two and a half hours on her feet, a klaxon finally sounded to signal the end of their stay in the cave, and they made their way out. “ I want to give you a big hug,” said Pat. “ That was longer than the longest night ever. Welcome to tomorrow.”

Sinitta later said: “I moved into a hotel once because there was a spider in the bath. Thank God for Pat. That awful situation brought us closer together and he’s a lovely man.”

After the challenge, the pair finally begun trekking in to camp – until a signpost send them in different directions. Pat made his way to Snake Rock, while Sinitta was sent to Croc Creek. The luxury items were then delivered, including Sinitta’s exercise ball, Lorraine’s toy bear ‘Tedward’, and Antony’s special pillow signed by his family.