The X Factor: Cher Lloyd Performance Ruined At Cheryl Cole Judge’s House

Cher Lloyd performance ended in disaster on Saturday night as viewers saw her struggle to get through her song at Cheryl Cole’s X Factor judges house.

Cher Lloyd

The 16 year old singer tried to sing in front of Cheryl Cole and    but her tonsils were infected and her voice just got worse the more she tried to sing.

Before singing Cher told Cheryl:

“I’m ok, my throat’s sore but I’m going to try and work it, bring it.”

Halfway through her song, Cher croaked and it took a cuddle from her idol Cheryl Cole to get her to try again.

Cheryl told her:

Shake it off, pretend like you’re going on stage and show us what you’ve got!

Cher started again, stalled once more and cried ‘I can’t get nothing out.’ But her voice was so bad that you could only just about here what she was saying.

Cheryl asked “Would you like to come back later?” but Lloyd insisted ‘I’m done, I’m done now.’

As she left the room Cole told Will.iam:

“I think she’s got it, that’s the frustrating thing. She’s only 16!”

In tonight show I am sure we will see that Cheryl has judge her fairly taking into account all her previous performances.