The X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson Sailed Through To The X Factor Live Final

Rebecca FergusonYoung single mother of two, Rebecca Ferguson sailed though to the X Factor live final last night after delivering yet another stunning set of vocal performances in Saturday’s semi final.

Rebecca is one of only three contestants that have never been in the bottom two in this season competition; she now stands a very good chance of winning.

On Saturday she performed ‘Show Me Love’ by Steve Angello and ‘Amazing Grace’. On both tracks her vocals were simply amazing. ‘Show Me Love’ was a up tempo number and it was good to see her do a song like that which is considered to be outside her comfort zone. We would just like to see her move around the stage a bit more but there is no denying Rebecca is world class.

Judges Comments and Videos:

Show Me Love:

LOUIS WALSH: What a start to the show, wow. I think that’s your best performance so far. Liverpool should be really proud of Rebecca because she showed us love, emotion and she showed that she can sing and dance. Rebecca you have got everything.

DANNII MINOGUE: The mood in here tonight is electric. That was brilliant!

CHERYL COLE: This song came from Rebecca and we fought and fought and fought for it and it worked people!

SIMON COWELL: When I heard you were doing this song I was a little bit nervous and I’m not normally wrong. Tonight however I am happy to admit that I was wrong. I loved that this is a side of you we have never seen before. It was so cool, so controlled, your vocals were on the money and this is the first time that you are showing me that you don’t just want to get into the final, you want to win and I like that!

Amazing Grace:

LOUIS WALSH: Rebecca, I’ve met a lot of singers but for some reason you stand out to me. You are my favourite contestant ever. You are likeable, loveable and you have star quality.

DANNII MINOGUE: Rebecca that was pure class. There’s people that not only perform well but also have that special something. You are a girl that we really want good things to happen to. I want to see you in the final.

CHERYL COLE: You are such a sincere beautiful person inside and outside. When you sing you ooze class and beauty and you are everything we want from our next popstar.

SIMON COWELL: Rebecca I thought that was absolutely stunning from beginning, middle and end. Why I really love you tonight is that you haven’t come in with a game, you’ve come in with two songs you choose which you just wanted to sing. No tricks, it was just pure sincerity, beautifully sung and you are a class act.