Best Tennis Jokes

A mother said to her daughter who likes to play tennis: “Oh well, It is better to have loved and lost”. Her daughter replied: “Mother, you clearly don’t understand the rules of the game”.


My next door neighbour’s son lost his job as an apprentice grounds man at The Lawn Tennis Association.

He clearly couldn’t cut it.


I got home and found my wife and the married couple from next door in the living room.

“Here he is,” she said. “We were just talking about having a foursome, if you feel you’re up to it!” She smiled at me and I hesitated but then said “Yes, if you’re all fine with it then I’ll be right back.”

Two minutes later, I appeared naked and excited. They were stood there, fully dressed, with tennis rackets in theirs hands.


After returning from a game of tennis, I said to my wife “my tennis elbow was really hurting today”

She said “how many years have you been complaining about that now?”

I said “15 Love”


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