Show Me The Funny could be back in 2012

 jason manford show me the funny 2012This year ITV launched a new television comedy talent show called Show Me The Funny hosted by non other than Jason Manford.

The show was heavily criticised and did not drawn the audience the show bosses hoped to achieve. However, ITV is said to be considering a second series of the show, host Jason Manford revealed.

He admitted there were lessons to be learned from the last series, but claimed ITV was ‘not fussed’ by its disappointing ratings.

‘We’re just having a talk about another series at ITV at the moment,’ he told Richard Bacon on his Radio 5 Live show.

Of the ratings, he said: ‘It was up against something big like New Tricks or something mad. They weren’t too fussed. It got two, two and  a half million at some points.

‘The biggest thing was – and people don’t do this any more – is to try to learn from it and go, “Right, what did everyone think? We’ve read the reviews…”’

‘We’re having a chat now and just trying to learn from it, really.’

He also said that people were too quick to leap to judgments about the show, adding: ‘There were people after eight minutes on Twitter and Facebook going, “This is rubbish”. It’s eight minutes old!’

However he admitted it was ‘weird’ watching the Apprentice-style tasks that formed part of the format – including sending the comedians out into the streets of Liverpool to see how many people called ‘Michelle’ they could meet.

‘It was weird watching it back because I made a show that was… essentially [comedians] getting up on stage and having a go trying stuff out in front of new audiences. Obviously on the telly there was quite a bit of an Apprentice-style bit of doing the tasks and stuff.’

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  1. Lewy Morrison

    is show me the funny coming back, if so how do you apply ?????
    Help please

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