Sallie Axl becomes the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house

sallie axl evicted from big brother 2013Last night saw the first eviction from the Big Brother 2013 house and it was Sallie Axl that Big Brother booted out of the door.

Sallie had gone head to head with Gina Rio in the public vote this week after they were both nominated by the viewers at the weekend.

Big Brother host Emma reveal the outcome, teasing: “The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.”

The crowd were heard chanting ‘Get Sallie Out’ as Emma spoke to the house. Sallie left the house to a  chorus of boos from the live audience at the studios.

Speaking to Emma after her exit, Sallie revealed she and Gina had become pals despite their huge row on their first night together.

“She’s lovely, I like her. At the beginning, I judged her wrong,” she said. “I totally judged her wrong, I’m glad she’s still because I liked her, I want Michael and Dexter out, the snake.”