Cuff Links Dating Website won the day On The Apprentice as Jason Leech gets the axe by Lord Sugar

On a day that saw the first project manager to step down from his post in the history of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar was in no mood for excuses when he fired Jason Leech.

cuff links dating site

The teams were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for a new dating website. Team Endeavour came up with their Cuff Links dating website while Evolve went with their focus group advice and developed  Friendship and Flowers dating site.

When  the candidates returned to the boardroom to find out which team had best understood their brief, Lord Sugar told them:

“Now I listened to the advisors, and to be honest with you, they are at sea a little bit. They’re torn about your [Endeavour’s] concept. You’ve got that nutter [‘bad-date’ character Herbert] in there being funny, and funny adverts do pay off. But where you’ve failed miserably is the co-ordinating – it’s a very good website, but I’m here looking at the overall thing and it’s disjointed.

“And on your [Evolve’s] campaign, you picked the right market, but your deployment of it, they said ‘this is boring, the wink is like cringe-worthy, it’s patronising.’ The only thing I can say, it was a cohesive campaign.

“I’m going to make a decision and, because you were on the right track, I’m going to give you [Endeavour] the benefit of the doubt.”

Endeavour’s victory with Cuff Links left Team Evolve team members with a lot of explaining to do in the boardroom as to how they managed to lose the task.