Secret Rooms discovered in Big Brother 2013 House

Big Brother’s new house was launched last week where viewers say a number of doors all round the building for the first time.

It should come as no surprise therefore that some of these doors lead to secret rooms. It may have been unintentional, but last night on Big Brother’s spin-off show Bit On The Side, a map was displayed revealing a number of secret rooms in the Big Brother 2013: Secrets & Lies house.

bb 2013 house with hidden rooms

According to the map there is a ‘surprise bedroom’ located off the garden, featuring one single and two double beds. It also has an adjoined indoor bathroom, including two baths, two sinks and a shower.

In addition, there is a room behind the prison in the garden that appears to be a gym  and  a large and a small task room that can be accessed via the door under the staircase.

It also indicates that there aren’t any rooms behind the doors lining the entrance wall, which have been touted as concealing major secrets.

The plan was revealed during a segment in which ‘aura expert’ Nina Ashby talked host Emma Willis through the energy of the house.