Mother and daughter Jackie and Charlie Travers enters the Big Brother house 2013

the traversMother and daughter Jackie and Charlie Travers are the last two housemates to enter the Big Brother house this series.

59 year-old Jackie and 26 year-old Charlie are both  from  Berkhampstead and entered the house as individual housemates.

Glamorous mummy, Jackie has feisty Italian blood, is unintentionally funny, wears her heart on her sleeve and claims to be “classy but not a snob”.

Jackie is divorced with two children and with daughter Charlie entering the House with her, she feels that spending time with her in a confined space for a long period of time will be a challenge, but one she is looking forward to.

Jackie isn’t religious and doesn’t believe in God. She supports the Conservative party and is a big fan of David Cameron. She believes love is more important than money but both would be good. She says: “I’ve had money but if you don’t have love, what’s the point?”.

Jackie thinks her best personality traits are that she is fun, honest, flamboyant, sensitive and compassionate. She says her worst personality trait is that she doesn’t always listen to what people have to say and can be too forceful with her opinions.

Daughter Charlie is bossy, stubborn and very often complex. She has a love / hate relationship with her mum Jackie and admits to insecurities and feels she doesn’t fit in with her family – but also admits she is very demanding.

Charlie enjoys playing mind games and says she is extremely confrontational and aggressive. However, she is also cheeky, naughty and playful if the mood takes her.