Sexy Irish glamour model Hazel O’Sullivan enters the Big Brother House 2013

hazel osullivan big brother24-year-old Glamour model Hazel O’Sullivan is the twelfth housemate to enter the Big Brother house and the third tonight.

The Irish beauty is reportedly arch enemy of former Big Brother housemate Georgia Salpa, and both ladies apparently dated known ladies men Callum Best around the same time period.

The lingerie model admits that she is a regular on the Dublin party circuit and likes to think of herself as a bit of a WAG, though she prefers bruly rugby players to toned soccer stars.

She revealed that some of her worst traits could be her biggest assets in the  house and describes herself as manipulative, vindictive and as irritable as a snappy little dog.

She is just out of a messy breakup and describes herself as ‘single but not always alone.’ Hazel likes to get her way and while she doesn’t want to be a porn star, she doesn’t rule out sex in the BB house.

We think she is one to keep a close eye on.