Gina Rio the most spoilt girl in the country enters the Big Brother House 2013

gina rio big brother

Gina Rio became the tenth housemate to enter the Big Brother house and the first on tonight’s show.

Gina compares herself to Paris Hilton, and the 24 year old rich girl is spoilt and pampered and was recently described by a tabloid newspaper as “the most spoilt girl in the country”.

Gina once lived in the £700 a night Savoy hotel for six months and her mum provides her with a massive £10,000-a-month allowance. Why she needs to go on a show like Big Brother, where the prize doesn’t even equate to a year’s wage for her, we’ll never know.

On facing her upcoming Big Brother challenge she said:

“It’s going to be hard and a challenge and I am going to try and do it. I am just going to take it how it comes and have some fun.”

And as for the small Big Brother shopping budget she added:

“ don’t really eat that much so it doesn’t really matter.”