Facts about glamour model Sallie Axl from Big Brother 2013

Bi-sexual Sallie Axl from the Wirral is a tattooed rock chick and glamour model who describes herself as a bitch. Sally entered the Big Brother house without a Bra and looked very comfortable teasing her assets to the viewers.

sallie axl big brother

Sallie prides herself with having slept with over 70 girls but describes them as “head f**ks”. She has also slept with various celebrities including footballers.

Sallie a straight talking Northerner who claims she offends most people she talks to. Her hobbies include extreme sports, fire-breathing and DJing.

Sallie has a 3 year old daughter who lives with her for a few days every week. Her daughter’s father looks after her the rest of the time.

Sallie has a Chihuahua called Vegas, and she says that the most important person in her life is her daughter. As she spends a lot of time away, she says the time they have together is very precious.

Sallie has been a glamour model for the past two years although she has only been signed for the past 6 months. She loves modelling and the lifestyle it brings, and is glad to be one of the first tattooed models breaking into the mainstream.

Sallie thinks her biggest achievement is travelling around the world with her daughter when she was 2 years old. Sallie is currently single and her last relationship ended in January after she found him checking her phone, she describes him as a “weirdo”.