Fisherwoman Wolfy Millington enters the Big Brother house 2013

wolfy millington big brotherFisherwoman Wolfy Millington was the sixth housemate to enter the Big Brother house.

The Mackerel fisherwoman is a practising Shaman and describes shamanism as connecting with Mother Earth and the inner animal. She is often asked to perform aura cleansing and past life recall, which she is happy to do for free.

Wolfy believes in reincarnation and says she can talk to animals, if a pigeon flew down beside her she would ask it if it had anything to teach her. Could Wolfy be the peace maker of the house?

Wolfy said she has “a passion for fishing which borders on the erotic” and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She can spend up to 6 hours a day standing on the end of the pier with her rod.