Model Sallie Axl Big Brother 2013 sexy photo

The second person into the Big Brother house tonight is 26 year old DJ, Firefighter and a Model Sallie Axl.

sallie big brother 2013

Sallie likes to spend time doing angle grinding, when she’s not taking part in glamour shoots.

She’s ‘all for’ plastic surgery and describes herself as ‘motivated, a bitch and really, really bossy.’

Sallie has an eye for the ladies and thinks she’s an ‘edgy tattoo girl’ who will spice things up and cause controversy.

She doesn’t wear heels or pushup bras and told Emma that ‘glamour girls can be tomboys too!’

Sallie is fond of her beer goggles and fully anticipates getting off with someone over the series.

See Sallie in her DJ role in this video;

Sally has already attracted over 58,000 flowers on Twitter, and I am guessing she will have a whole lot more in the coming days and weeks.

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