BB 2013 housemates line up for new BB House won’t be disappointed seeing these pictures of the new house

Big Brother 2013 kicks off on our screens on Thursday June 14th where we will meet the contestants who will be entering the Big Brother house for the first time.

In this series Big Brother promised to be tougher on the contestants, making them work even harder for any privilege.

However, they will have a pretty nice looking house to shelter from the elements and they even have a love cabin thrown in.

Check out these pictures of the new house:

[imagebrowser id=9]

There is one thing we are not entirely sure about; why is there no bathroom?

It was reported earlier this year that the house-mates will have to shower outside via a shower which is powered by a water wheel. However, we are not entirely sure if there is any truth in it so we will have to wait until Thursday when all will be revealed.