Celebrity Big Brother 2012 results: who won? Julian Clary

julian clary winner of celebrity big brother 2012


Julian Clary was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2012 in tonight’s live final.

The standup comic was one of the bookies favourites to win the show and never really strayed from that position throughout the series.

Julian was in the final two along with Coleen Nolan. On hearing the news from host Brian Dowling, Julian broke down in tears but quickly pulled himself together and said to Coleen:

“I don’t like fireworks, can you tell them to cancel them?”

“I’ve never won anything in my life… what’s my mother going to say!” Julian told Brian Dowlng after his exit. “I want to say thank you, you’ve made a 53-year-old homosexual very happy.”

Julian confessed he had a tough time on the show and coping with the pressures with the house.

He told Brian: “You don’t realise until you come here that you’re controlled all the time, your emotions are constantly manipulated by Big Brother, I’m a complete wreck.”

He added: “It was scary in there, I was tempted sometimes to just run away and retreat into my shell.”