Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2012? Denise Welsh

Denise welsh celeb big brother 2012 winnerDenise Welch has won Celebrity Big Brother 2012 much to her surprise.

An emotional but clearly delighted Denise walked out of the house to a cheering crowd and in true Denise style, she flashed her bra as she left.

Denise wept as Brian led her into the studio for the interview. However, when Brian asked if she could believe she was the winner, she said, “That first night, as I was last in, I thought I’d been forgotten about!”

Her victory came somewhat as a surprise because Frankie Cocozza was widely expected to win the show.

Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina were out first, having received the fewest votes of the final five.

Finishing in fourth place was Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, while Gareth took the third position.

It then meant a close final showdown for Denise Welch and Frankie Cocozza to win the show, with Denise coming out on top in the final vote.