Big Brother 2011: Housemate Faye Palmer Profile

Faye Palmer is a competitive wrestler who’s professional name is Darcy Steele.

Profile Of Faye Palmer

Age : 19.
Hometown : Tamworth.
Occupation: Competitive Wrestler.
Marital Status : Single.
Interesting Fact : Faye has a phobia of spiders, clowns, small spaces and balloons and is scared of the dark.

Since leaving university the gorgeous young wrestler has dedicated her life to her career and is unashamedly self-congratulatory and used to being admired.
Faye describes herself as the kind of person that girls would despise and boys would drool over. She knows how to manipulate men and is prepared to be hated by the other girls in the house.
She goes to the gym twice a day and lives on a strict diet regime, claiming to spend all her earnings on food and protein. Faye says that falling in love is “more hassle than its worth” and wants to prove in the house that pretty girls can have a personality as well as looks. Her party tricks range from turning her tongue upside down to impersonating accents from around the world.
She thinks she will be nominated for being a picky eater or for being too much of a joker.