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Film News: Selena Gomez Gives A Thumps Up To Justin Bieber’s Movie


Selena Gomez has suggested that her friend Justin Bieber’s new film Never say Never provides insight into his struggle for success.

Speaking to E! News presenter Ryan Seacrest at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Gomez asserted that she enjoyed the style in which the documentary presented Bieber’s life story. She said:

“I loved it. I liked it because it wasn’t a concert movie – it was a documentary.”

Gomez added: “I really liked how they told his story – he was relatable. And it was funny, too! It kept me entertained the whole time.”

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  1. hay well first i love jb but really really love jb and i think as a fan we should all support him but we always shouldnt believe what other people say they r just lying or telling a joke just because he is a superstar doesnt mean that we should believe what other people say love brianna and always loves justin bieber

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