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Sexy Vanessa Hudgens is super proud of the movie The Frozen Ground

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood these days and she has become a real icon of the silver screen globally thanks largely to her role in High School Musical.

Vanessa Hudgens in the frozen ground

These days Vanessa has taken on much more serious and challenging roles, none more so than as night club stripper Cindy Paulson in The Frozen Ground directed by Scott Walker.

The film that also stars Nicolas Cage and John Cusack and is based on a real-life Alaskan State Trooper who followed the murderous rampage of a serial killer. The most notorious hunter and killer in Alaska named Robert Hansen (Cusack) who stalked or killed between 17 and 21 young women taking them out to the wilderness to turn them loose and hunt them. Cage plays Alaskan detective Glenn Flothe who sets out to bring an end to Hansen’s murderous spree.

Speaking to Stylebestro, Vanessa Hudgens said she was pound of her role in the movie:
“It was really awesome to be able to base my character off of a real person because I didn’t have to create it myself,” she said. “I’m super, super proud of that movie. I’ve seen it like three times now, and I can’t wait to watch it again. I just love it.”

In this movie it is quite clear for all to see that the girl from High School Musical was all grown up. Just take a look at these pictures of Vanessa playing Cindy in the movie:

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