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Gerard Butler’s film Playing For Keeps introduced soccer and Celtic to young Noah Lomax

Noah Lomak

Noah Lomax stars alongside Gerard Butler in one of the first movie releases of 2013 – Playing For Keeps.

Although the 11 year old child star is no stranger to a film setting, having made his debut in the US series Army Wives, but the game of Soccer was very much a new sport for him to learn under the guidance of Gerard Bulter in the movie.

Bulter stars in the romantic comedy Playing For Keeps that tells the story of a former soccer star whose career takes a dive and then in an attempt to turn his life around he takes up the coaching of his sons soccer team. However, the mums of his son’s teammates seem determined to pitch in with much more than what the coach was expecting.

Since the movie, Noah has taken a keen interest in playing and watching soccer and it seem that he has also joined Gerard Butler in becoming a Celtic fan.

The youngster told the Daily Record:

“He was also a brilliant soccer player and I was amazed at how well he could control a ball. I think he should have turned professional. He talked all the time about Celtic and he gave me a shirt just like his to keep. I have lots of photos of us together in matching strips.”

He added: “He told me all about Scotland and it would be awesome to go there one day and watch a game at Celtic Park.”
Gerard Butler and Noah Lomax

Playing For Keeps which also stars Gabriele Muccino, Jessica Biel and Dennis Quaid is in Cinemas across the UK now.

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