Dance moves for RuneScape recorded by George Sampson from Britain’s Got Talent

george sampson in runescapeBritain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson, has moved into the world of gaming by securing a deal to provide the dance moves for Runescape.

The street dancer and RuneScape fan recently visited the Jagex studio to help create a new dance emote for the massively multiplayer online game.

“Visiting Jagex is a dream come true, and helping to create the new dance emote for RuneScapewas a real highlight of my day,” Sampson revealed.

“I love RuneScape so it really means a lot to me, knowing that something I’ve created will be part of the game is really something special.”

Sampson, who has appeared in the movie Street Dance, as well as television shows such asWaterloo Road and Mount Pleasant, has been a RuneScape fan since he was 11, and is still an active player today.

The George Sampson dance emote will be added to the game during a future RuneScape update.

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