Who is AJ Odudu?

aj ohuhu big brother

AJ Odudu is a television reporter and presenter from Lancashire. AJ first came to the public attention in 2008 when she became a roving reporter on BBC Switch’s The 5:19 Show.

AJ was born in Blackburn and is one of eight children. She graduated from the University Keele with a English and Politics degree.

AJ Odudu went on to co-present BBC Switch, a program aimed at teenage viewers on BBC 2.

Away from the BBC, AJ has also presented a number of programs covering music festivals for Channel 4, as well as presenting the news, MOBO’s red carpet coverage and a Harry Potter press junket for MTV.

In spring of 2013, AJ was announced by Channel 5 as the new present of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side taking over from Emma Willis.

See AJ interviewing Alasha Dixon from Britain’s Got Talent in this video.

It is so difficult not to be affected by Alasha’s laugh, it is infectious!

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  1. Sharon Maguire

    Just watched her on bit on the side. Really bad :-( can’t see her lasting the series. Very hard to understand her and rylan was seamless! Stole the show !

  2. Micky joss

    BBB on the side can’t understand a word AJ says, it’s spoilt it for me but Ryland is a ledgend

  3. sudheer

    Please Please Please remove her from BBbit on the side.

  4. Jo heals

    She’s great her and ryland bounce off one another of course you can understand her she’s speaking ENGLISH .

  5. Micha Olugbemi

    We used to live two houses away from AJ when I was younger. She was in the same class as my sister in high school. I was surprised to read that she is now 25..she’s actually 34!

  6. Micha Olugbemi

    We know her since high school.Shes not 26..she’s 34!

  7. Stewart

    Big bro bit on the side is boreing lately, Emma is good , Brian is the most boreing presenter in any of his programmes.the people around the table are rubbish especially to-night, I feel sorry for Helen, bb brings her in & rebukes her what about Ashleigh, I’m from Ireland & believe u me Ashleigh would have been my worst nightmare. Please get some decent . I love Ash & think he’s good for Helen, please give Helen a break.

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