The Luminites Britain’s Got Talent audition could set this new band on course to be the biggest since One Direction

New British band The Luminates auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent this year and judging from reports, they could be the next big band to emerge from a British reality TV show since One Direction. The band sang Hurt So Good and gave a very good account of themselves.

luminites britain's got talent

The four member strong mixed group – Jordan Clarke 18, Ben Francis 19, Stephanie Edwards 18 and Corey Layzell 21 – from London was put together by their management team after they spotted beatboxer Ben busking on the street. They then decided to create a group to complement Ben’s talent and set out on a mission to find other talented individuals to join the group.

The band has been together for a few years now and have been growing their fanbase by performing in schools and clubs up and down the country. Last year they took time out to front Centrepoint’s Christmas campaign to end youth homelessness, singing a contemporary version of Ralph McTell’s Streets of London.

Band member Ben Francis was once homeless himself so it was quite fitting for the band to contribute to the homeless cause in this way.

For us this band looks good, sound good and are very much relevant and current. The time is also right for them to receive mass exposure given the handwork they have put in over the past few years. Also, with the announcement this week that X Factor boyband JLS is to call it a day at the end of the year, there will be a gap in the market for a diverse multi-cultural band that reflects the music of a large section of the youth of the nation today.

See the bands in action in the videos below:

See more from Britain’s Got Talent and Luminites performance on the show here.

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  1. Laura

    Saw them on bgt tonight and they were amazing….:)

  2. Jo

    Love them! Thought they were great!

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